What To Do In Osaka For A Day

Osaka is a vibrant city with a diverse population. Known as the City of Angels in Japanese, this large city is famous for its glistening rivers and historic districts, such as Shinkurochou and Nishi-Tokyo.

Osaka was once the capital of Japan, so you can expect quite the history across the city. Many of these historic sites have heritage districts to explore, so you will not spend too much time looking at tourist sights if!

For a day trip? There are so many ways to see Osaka. Here are some ways to start your visit!

Osaka Station is located near Tokyo Station and Kobe Stations, making it very easy to get to. Take the west exit and look for the Shinkurochou map!

Shinkurochou is one of several historical districts found in Osaka. These districts are interconnected by streets that change names often.


what to do in osaka for a day

A short distance from Namba, Umeda is a nice, cheap place to visit during the day.

Umeda is famous for its Umeda river views and restaurants, making it an attractive place to spend some time. There are also several nightlife venues here as well, making it a fun place to visit at night!

There are a number of interesting places of worship here as well, making it a nice community hub. If you are looking for a beautiful environment to relax in, this area is for you.

Many people go here at sunset or later in the day to enjoy the great view of the city skyline. If you are interested in checking that out, ask around! Umeda does have an elevator if that is too difficult for you.


what to do in osaka for a day

A short detour from Osaka is the Shinsekai-zaka, or New City Street, which is a rambl-line of shops and restaurants located in the middle of congested Ōme district.

The area was developed as a smart neighborhood to live and work within close proximity to Japan’s business and government centers. As a result, New City Street is home to many high-end shops and restaurants as well as cultural venues.

You can spend hours wandering in this district if you take your time to explore its neighborhoods. For instance, the trendy Shibuya-ku contains many interesting sights such as nightclubs, restaurants, and clubs.

Other neighborhoods worth visiting include Komagata-ku for its historical buildings as well as Ikebukuro for its large number of sex shops.


what to do in osaka for a day

A short walk or ride to one of the city’s temples is the best thing you can do in Osaka. Dotombori is a old street that twists and turns to create an open, welcoming neighborhood.

Many of the streets are illuminated at night, making them feel more lively and fun. The temples themselves are lovely and worth visiting, so do not be afraid to go inside if you see fit.

Many of the shops on Dotombori are run by charity organizations so you will find them nice and clean and orderly. Their products seem to be quality stuff so you will not be silly buying cheap junk that does nothing but blind you or make you feel stupid.

If you have time, running around Dotombori at night is a nice way to experience how quickly things change over the years in this part of town.


what to do in osaka for a day

Tsutenkaku is one of the top five New Year’s festivals in Japan. The other four include New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and Mid-Autumn veggies!

Tsutenkaku is a five-day festival that begins on the first day of the year and lasts until the third day. It celebrates the arrival of spring and new life, and is a time to reflect on your year past and present.

The first day consists of various events related to celebration and fun. People go to celebrate with friends and family, experience traditional foods and drinks, attend sports events and contests, and see artworks & displays.

The second day is more focused on reflection & cermony. People gather together to share stories about events from the first day, collect artifacts & materials relating to their holiday contributions, & officiate at marriage between close friends & relatives.

Higashi Umeda

what to do in osaka for a day

If you have time, go to Higashi Umeda. It is a large, beautiful city with many hills and parks. You can take in a gorgeous view of the bay or water park from one of the many pathways or streets.

Higashi Umeda is also known as the City of Gold. The area was once home to an extensive gold mining community, making it an attractive place to live and work.

Today, the city is a popular tourist destination with visits coming both from Japan and other countries. There are many iconic buildings such as Nippon Building and Higashinakajima Park which features a beachfront theme park and amusement park respectively.

There are also several high-rise buildings that offer great views of the city skyline.


what to do in osaka for a day

Shinkiba is one of the biggest real-life cities in Japan. It’s home to famous fashion labels and stores you’d see in big cities around the world.

Shinsaibashiquelarge is also a neighborhood that few visit, but it is beautiful and has many cute stores. Many people go there at night to watch local lights show or enjoy some food and drink.

If you want to do some shopping, go to either of these two locations! They are both high quality shops that will fulfill your needs.

The last city we want you to look at is Shinsaibashi! This is the historic center of Osaka and home to some interesting sites.


what to do in osaka for a day

Namba is a nice, quiet neighborhood just north of Tokyo. It is also one of the most popular neighborhoods in Osaka for a day tour or two.

On the weekend, Namba is filled with fashionable young people enjoying their Saturday morning. There are lots of bars and clubs, so you will not be stuck looking at a coffee and pastries while you enjoy your time.

Many visitors choose to visit Nichigake Park in Namba on a Sunday after church or during happy hour. The 11-hole Nichigake Park golf course is located just north of downtown Namba.

This park has beautiful views of the city and makes for an enjoyable walk or game of golf on a warm Sunday morning.

Temmabashi Station

what to do in osaka for a day

If you want to see some of the best temples in Japan, Temmabashi is the place to go. There are six major Buddhist temples in the area, and each one is less than a mile away.

Although it takes about an hour to visit all of them, you can easily spend more time at one than the rest. Make sure to visit the Golden Kite Temple and Fu-kōan Temple while you’re here as well!

These temples were all built at roughly the same time, so they look very similar even today. If you look carefully, you may be able to identify which is which by their roofs. The Golden Kite has a gold roof, while the others are made out of bamboo and stone.

Both of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites so that means they’re always super popular! Even on weekdays, you’ll find at least a few people going into each one to take pictures with their leaders and worshipers.

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